10th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology

10th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology.

Nevropsykologi – Tidsskrift for Norsk Nevropsykologisk Forening, have published a special edition (1: 2011) with articles from the invited speakers at the ”10th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology” i Aalborg, arranged by The Danish Child & Youth Neuropsychological Society” and “The Danish Neuropsychological Society”.

The Conference theme was ”The Social Brain: Development and Dysfunction”.  Nordic and International experts with diverse backgrounds addressed variations on the main topic. Furthermore, an important aspect of the conference was linking science with profession. Among the topics on this conference were:

  • Development of the social brain.
  • The social brain and emotions, music and belief.
  • Finding pleasure in the brain
  • Cultural selves, encultured brains

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